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CYBERGUN Thompson M1928 Mosfet AEG Metal & Hout 6mm 1J 450 bbs /C3


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6mm/BB Airsoftgun is vrij te koop vanaf +18. Stuur een mailtje of bel indien u er één wil reserveren of afhalen. Het wapen wordt niet online verkocht!

CYBERGUN Thompson M1928 Mosfet AEG Metal & Hout 6mm 1J 450 bbs /C3



The Thompson M1928, also known as the “Tommy Gun” was used during the last years of Prohibition and during the Great Depression, as well as in the early days of World War II. Like the original, the Cybergun Thompson M1928 features a “Cutts” muzzle brake, a radiator at the base of the barrel, a handguard with a front grip and comes with the famous drum magazine that holds up to 450 rounds. Find out more about the features of our replica below!



  • Licensed replica with detailed markings engraved on the body
  • Full metal replica, with a real wood handguard and stock
  • World War II reproduction replica allowing to make an outfit as close as possible to realism
  • The rear sight is adjustable in drift (from left to right) and in elevation (from top to bottom)


  • V6 gearbox with 9 mm bearings to reduce friction during the rotation of the gears
  • Replica equipped with a protective mosfet, allowing you to use more powerful batteries that will allow you to gain in rate of fire and & responsiveness
  • 6.05 mm barrel for better stability and accuracy when shooting
  • Adjustable hop-up that significantly increases the range and accuracy of the replica
  • Equipped with a T-Dean connector


Anyone with basic weapons’ knowledge can immediately recognize the Thompson submachine gun, one of the most well-known models of the 20th century. The gun was at first a symbol of crime, as it was particularly favored by American mafias in the 1920s, a notable highlight of this time being the Valentine’s day massacre of 1929. The gun’s tarnished reputation was corrected by its massive use by American GIs in World War 2, as many recall it as the best weapon used during the conflict, particularly for its high rate of fire and the size of its magazine.

Pack content

  • 1 x Thompson M1928 AEG Full Metal Black
  • 1 x 450 BBs magazine

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