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Paramina PCP Mistral M6-EM compressor


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Mistral M6-EM : 4200,00 euro

Arrêt automatique : 520,00 euro

Purge automatique : 962,00 euro


Hogedrukzuigercompressor, drietraps, luchtgekoeld, geschikt voor persluchttoepassingen. Vult veilig tot 300 BAR .Wordt bij u thuis geleverd en geinstalleerd prijs op aanvraag.

Paramina PCP Mistral M6-EM compressor



High pressure piston compressor, three staged, air cooled, suitable for breathing air applications.

Mistral is a unique portable semi-professional compressor, ready to plug in. The standard version comes with a cable, plug, start -stop switch and hourmeter, with the option of electric motor (single phase or three phase) and petrol engine.

This unit is ideal for private divers, small diving boats and amateur paintball teams.

Based on proven design, Mistral provides very low turning speed (1.200 rpm), low noise level, almost no vibration and an excelllent purification system (a coalescing prefilter is installed before the classic active carbon/molecular sieve cartridge), ensuring reliable operation for many years and pure breathing air exceeding by far the requirements of the highest European standards (EN 12021).

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